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Nourishing the Future with Taste: Innovation and Sicilian Tradition in Every Dish.

BMC Foods: Your Partner for Unique and Sustainable Culinary Experiences.

Welcome to BMC Foods, where Mediterranean artisanal excellence meets innovation to create a future of taste and sustainability.

We are ambassadors of a unique culinary tradition, that of the land of Sicily, and we are committed to bringing to consumers' tables the highest quality products that enhance Sicilian ingredients, using sustainable production methods to elevate their flavor and authenticity.

Whether you are a major brand, a Horeca distributor, or a food lover seeking authentic and innovative flavors, BMC Foods has the perfect solution for you.

BMC Foods is made up of a close-knit team of young professionals, united by a passion for food and dedication to work.

Our Team

  • Quality 

  • Collaboration 

  • Integrity 

  • Innovation 

  • Responsibility 

Our Values

Recognizing coproduction with major brands and the creation of innovative products as pillars of our success, we aspire to become the excellence partner for the food industry, distribution, and consumers.

Our Vision

To offer the highest quality food products that celebrate the richness of the Mediterranean heritage, ensuring a responsible supply chain and excellent service to our customers.

Our Mission


The Value of Partnership

BMC Foods was founded about 25 years ago in the heart of Sicily, on the slopes of Mount Etna, out of the Santoro brothers' passion for Sicilian cuisine and their desire to innovate.

From a small artisanal workshop, the company has grown into a thriving food industry, rooted in the Sicilian territory but looking towards the future.

We are a reliable and responsible company committed to ensuring food safety, product quality, and sustainability of production processes.

A Reliable and Responsible Company

A team of passionate food experts is at your disposal to help you develop the perfect product for your needs.

A Team of Experts at Your Service

We offer a wide range of innovative and high-quality food products, enhancing Sicilian ingredients and using sustainable production methods.

Innovative and High-Quality Products


Why choose us

How We Work


We believe in collaboration and dialogue with our customers to develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs.


The answer to your questions

  • What are the strengths of BMC Foods that make it an ideal partner for Private Label, Brand Industry, and Horeca Distribution?
    BMC Foods stands out for its constant innovation, operational excellence, and reliability. In recent years, the company has undergone a deep restructuring, transforming from an artisanal workshop to a reference food industry
  • How does BMC Foods meet the specific needs of Private Label, Brand Industry, and Horeca?
    Thanks to our strong innovation capacity and continuous search for original solutions, we offer unique products that capture current market trends, thus meeting the specific needs of direct distribution brands, brand industries, and Horeca operators looking to stand out with innovative and high-quality offerings.
  • How does BMC Foods ensure the quality and safety of its products?
    We continuously invest in cutting-edge technologies and rigorous quality control procedures, including an in-house state-of-the-art analysis laboratory, to ensure that every product meets not only our customers' expectations but also the strict industry standards. This commitment benefits every market segment we serve, from Private Label to Brand Industry and Horeca Distribution.
  • Is BMC Foods structured to handle production volumes suitable for large brands and distributors?
    Our production capacity of over 1,050,000 annual tonnes, together with the flexibility of existing facilities for further expansions, makes us the ideal partner to meet the volume demands of both large brands and Horeca distributors, ensuring efficiency and consistent quality.
  • Is it possible for partners to collaborate with BMC Foods to develop exclusive products?
    We are excited to collaborate with our Private Label, Brand Industry, and Horeca Distribution partners to create tailor-made ambient products and exclusive formats. This collaborative approach allows us to meet the specific needs of each segment with innovative and quality solutions.
  • Does the collaboration with BMC Foods guarantee reliability and safety?
    With solid experience and long-term collaborations with major industry players, BMC Foods is recognized for its reliability and safety. Our international certification and commitment to ethics and social responsibility demonstrate our constant commitment to high standards, benefiting partners of all sizes and sectors.
  • How does BMC Foods stand out in the innovative pesto category?
    BMC Foods establishes itself as an undisputed leader in the innovative pesto sector, distinguished by its extraordinary ability to anticipate and meet the changing needs of the market. Through continuous and targeted collaboration with prestigious chefs and restaurateurs, the company dedicates itself to the research and development of unique and original products. This synergy not only allows us to intercept the latest culinary trends but also to customize the offer based on the specific requests from different audience segments: from Private Label (PL) to Brand Industry, up to Horeca Distribution. BMC Foods' innovative approach, combined with close collaboration with industry professionals, ensures superior quality solutions that enhance any type of assortment and effectively meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding and diversified market.

Our quality certifications


Our offering

We offer contract manufacturing solutions, custom development of new food products, supply chain optimization, technological expertise in the food field, with a dedicated R&D laboratory.


Partnerships with Private Label, Food Industry, and Horeca Distribution


We are always looking for new technologies and ingredients to create products that anticipate market trends and meet our customers' needs.


Product Innovation


The Santoro line offers buyers and category managers high-quality solutions that respond to consumption trends and market needs.


Santoro Product Line


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